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Bhawana is a Molecular Biologist. She received her Doctorate in Genetics from Delhi University, India in 2017 and subsequently came to Germany to work a Post-Doctoral researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology in Jena. She has previously worked at the interface of plant-herbivore interactions with a prime focus on establishment of loss of function protocols in the lab using RNAi, and optimization of RNA delivery to the insects. As part of the RBI group, she is keen to learn about the world of human pathogenic fungi and RNA/ RNA binding protein(s)- based modes of regulation that might be playing important roles in fungal infection that are still not completely understood. She is also excited to learn and contribute to the development of proof of concept for novel approaches for RNA delivery for use in therapeutics against fungal infections.

Outside of the lab, Bhawana loves gardening, cooking, baking (and everything else that’s food related) and occasionally hiking around Jena.